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All Saints Dental Care
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211 East India Dock Road, Poplar London, E14 0ED

All Saints Dental Care recognises that when you are looking your best it brings renewed confidence.

Our non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments are designed to enhance your own natural beauty and leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

Your safety is also our main priority and all our treatments are only carried out by experienced and qualified physicians.

Wrinkle Reduction Consultation

Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear as we age and our skin naturally loses its elasticity. Exposure to the sun, stress and smoking are amongst some of the factors that can speed up the ageing process and can cause damage to the skin at a deeper level.

At All Saints Dental Care, we can help you restore a more youthful appearance with our leading wrinkle reduction treatments. Our wrinkle reduction consultation will assess your health, skin and expectations. If you are a suitable candidate, we can prescribe and administer wrinkle reduction treatments so that fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed away, creating a refreshed look with smoother skin that leaves you looking younger.

What type of wrinkle reduction treatment is available?

Wrinkle reduction treatments and also medical-grade skin care products can prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments are carefully administered to treat areas such as:

  • Horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Between the eyebrows, i.e. frown lines
  • Eye wrinkles
  • Lower face including around the mouth and chin (smoker’s lines, jowls)
  • Neck
  • Gummy smiles
  • Treatments can also be administered to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in areas such as the scalp and armpits

When will I see results?

You should notice a change to smoother skin in only a few days and you will appreciate the full effect in two to three weeks. The benefits of a subtle, more youthful appearance can be enjoyed for three to six months depending on your skin, age and other factors such as lifestyle.

Is the procedure painful?

A small amount of fluid is administered into the skin using a fine needle. No anaesthetic is required and you should only experience a mild sensation.

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W H A T  A R E  B L A C K  T R I A N G L E S ?

Black triangles are spaces present between the teeth and the gum line which appears as a triangle gap between the teeth. 
This unfortunately attracts unwanted attention when an individual is smiling.

After Invisalign, composite bonding was used to correct this patient’s black triangle and improve the appearance of her smile.

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Our friendly clinical team always ensures that our patients have a comfortable and smooth journey every time they visit.
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Here at All Saints Dental Care, we have a clean, modern clinic with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

We offer both general dentistry and smile makeover treatments 🦷 🪄.

You can get the smile you have always wanted with treatments ranging from Invisalign, composite bonding, whitening and much more here at our clinic!

Send us a DM or use the link in our bio to find out more about our treatment options today!
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Fill an Invisalign attachment template with our nurse.

Invisalign attachments are tooth coloured composite filling material attached to the tooth which provide an anchor point for the aligners.
This enables the aligners to gently exert more orthodontic force on the teeth which result in quicker and more effective movement of the teeth.

Are you interested in getting your teeth straightened and would like to learn more about Invisalign? Send us a DM today for more information.
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Where the magic happens 🪄 💫 

Check out this stunning surgery transformation! 

Our aim is to make our practice as comfortable and modern as possible for our patients to have a 5* experience! 

Who needs a spa 🧖‍♀️ when you have us!
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Interested in straightening your teeth?

Here are a few reasons All Saints Dental Care is so unique:

• We are a Premier, Gold, Comprehensive Invisalign provider.

• Dr. Joshi has undertaken numerous intensive training programmes to develop the skills required to achieve the best possible results for his patients. 

• Support is always at hand for you via email, text, whatsapp, instagram DMs etc.

• We have a modern practice in a central location.

• We make use of a digital work flow including a state of the art 3D scanner to ensure a seamless experience at our practice.

We would love to be with you on your journey to a perfect smile! 

Send us a DM or whatsapp message to learn more about our Invisalign packages!
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A quick demo from our Dental Hygienist Holly on how to effectively brush your teeth using an Oral B electric toothbrush 🪥.

Use the link in our bio to book a hygiene visit today.
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We can’t wait to see Marie’s new smile!

Contact us to learn more about our current Invisalign offer! 

We would love to help you on your journey to a perfect smile!
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We’re just as happy about your new smile as you Shervon!

Book in with us for a free Invisalign consultation today! We would love to join you on your journey to a perfect smile!

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All Saints Dental Care
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211 East India Dock Road, Poplar London, E14 0ED

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