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A dental crown is a tooth restoration that will restore the look, shape and appearance of a tooth and cover your own tooth.

It is a permanent solution for a tooth that has been damaged or broken or when a filling is not adequate or sufficient.  It is shaped to look like the original tooth and it provides the extra strength needed to support the tooth.

What does the process involve?

There will be a preliminary examination to assess your suitability for a crown and to ensure it is the correct treatment for you. You will be able to discuss a series of options available to you.

The tooth will be prepared for the crown and an impression or mould will be used to create the crown. The tooth is then prepared to allow room and space for the crown to be added. A temporary crown is put in place.

Finally, when the crown itself is ready it will be checked for fit, bite and appearance before it is cemented in place.

What materials are used to make crowns?

A range of materials can be used to make crowns. Porcelain crowns, that look just like your own teeth, are used for crowns at the front of the mouth.

Ceramic crowns also have a natural appearance and may be used in any area of the mouth. They are strong and durable. Gold is also used as a crown material.

Is the procedure painful?

The initial preparation work should not feel any different to having a filling. A local anaesthetic is used if required so that you experience minimum discomfort at all times.


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