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Airpolishing is an innovative method of cleaning teeth using a safe and efficient treatment.

It is an alternative to traditional teeth cleaning methods such as scale and polish and it achieves excellent results using a mix of water, compressed air and sodium bicarbonate.

How does Airpolishing work?

Spray technology, which combines fine particles of sodium bicarbonate with a fine jet of air and water, can access hard to reach areas. The jet spray method not only helps to improve oral health, it leaves you with a deeply cleaned and fresh feeling. It uses a safe, non-toxic powder which usually has a pleasant taste.

What are the end results?

Airpolishing removes the stains caused by some of our favourite everyday foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine as well as stains caused by smoking.

The spray technology means it has the ability to clean the entire surface of the tooth efficiently and thoroughly remove plaque – improving oral health for the future. It is a trusted method used by dentists and hygienists for cleaning teeth and removing stains.

Will I feel any pain?

The Airpolishing method for cleaning teeth is a non-invasive, safe treatment for deep-cleaning teeth and removing stains with minimum discomfort. The fast and efficient jet flow is powerful but controlled and comfortable. You will be left with a fresh feeling and beautifully clean teeth.

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This is no problem for Invisalign. This patient will now find cleaning their teeth much easier and make them less susceptible to gum disease and cavities. 

All these benefits alongside the obvious cosmetic improvement that will make this patient much more confident. 

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Straighter, whiter and broader. A lovely result using Invisalign, whitening and contouring. @dr.ajayj #invisalign #whitening #e14
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Why choose All Saints for your Invisalign Journey? Here Rianna explains why. #invisalign #allsaints #e14
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A life changing result for our wonderful patient

Invisalign used to close spaces and even out tooth proportions prior to composite bonding @dr.ajayj 

DM, WhatsApp or email us for info on our popular Invisalign package.

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Anh’s Invisalign journey

Our lovely patient Anh explaining his Invisalign journey at All Saints. 

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Thank you Pugal for choosing All Saints Dental Care to help you achieve your dream smile! We’re just as happy about your new smile as you are!

Interested in Invisalign but not sure where to start? Send us a DM to learn more about our packages today!
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All Saints Dental Care
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211 East India Dock Road, Poplar London, E14 0ED

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